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Tag: Relationships

What is a REAL apology?

Here we go again. Public apologies for some egregious behavior. Inevitably it falls short, often woefully short. Apparently, we all still have a ways to go on landing a genuine apology. Everyone has done things that deserved an apology. If you are not among this group, keep on scrolling. If

EMBODIMENT – Manage your Sh*t Edition

In the rarest of circumstances in the middle of a pandemic, Amanda left her wife and three children for a week-long business trip. Janice, Amanda’s wife is a front-line health care worker. – When Amanda returned to the chaos and demands of being back home, she was irritable and aggravated

Put A Pause On That Appreciation

I started to tell David just how grateful I am. He held up a spoon and said, “hold your gratitude.”

David, in addition to being a wicked funny husband extraordinaire and scholar, he is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction instructor. Dude knows how to savor a moment.