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Case Study: How AAIT™ Helped Marie On Her Journey To Friendship

Marie has been journeying with depression and anxiety for more than two decades. She tried just about everything possible from medications to electro-convulsive therapy along with years of therapy. It was the discovery of the right medication alongside her diligent practice with AAIT that brought us to what she wanted to focus on in her time with me, making friends.

We know that one of the experiences of women who journey with depression is a tendency to isolate. We also know that as women age, one of the factors contributing to women’s health as we age is having women friends.

Marie explored the dynamics of putting herself out there and not doing anything. Coming to a kind of wobbly integration, she nonetheless leveled out into an easy balance. Then she became aware of a more entrenched scared feeling when she considered connecting with others when what she really wanted was to feel calm with others. After that integration, she landed with the fundamental social concern most people experience, “what are they going to say?” When what she wants is to be able to be with people and NOT worry about what others might say or think.

Within forty-five minutes, Marie sat with an expression of quiet peace as she told me about the text she planned to send, reaching out to connect with two potential friends. She was even a little excited, not scared.

AAIT at its core helps people wake up from the bad dreams that keep them bound. Invite a friend and join us for one of the upcoming virtual open houses to discover if AAIT is right for you and your clients.