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Managing The Undercurrent Of Anxiety

It’s easy to get swept away by the catastrophic expectations in national and international news. It’s flying past as fast as the ice sheet seems to be melting. I notice that many of my clients are describing an undercurrent of anxiety.

When you consider that most of my clients are healing arts professionals, that’s noteworthy.

It’s like they don’t feel secure in the world anymore.

That ‘anymore’ is for those privileged among us for whom the world has felt safe. Consider the millions of people who have rarely or never felt secure in the world.

Now, coronavirus levels the field.

It doesn’t care if you are gay, straight, trans, black, white, brown. It just doesn’t.

Still, the sun is shining.

Still, the starlings sing.

Still, there’s work to do, people to help, soup to make.

We all know that walking through life in a cloud of agitated trepidation inhibits creativity. As healing arts professionals we NEED access to creative energy to serve those we are serving. Is not creativity always dancing with intuition?

It’s our job to keep our inner state as clean as we can to tend to the needs of those who come to us with wounded hearts. It’s upon us to keep our hearts authentically strong.

That’s tough to do when you don’t feel safe in the world. If that’s a little niggling thought you’ve been journeying with, feeling a little or lot less secure, try a little integration.

If you know the Universal Process, play with ‘safe in the world’ / ‘not safe in the world.’ If you don’t, pick one side or the other and use End of Words. (You will find video instructions here –

How are you managing the tension of being these days? How are you keeping your heart strong?

(I snapped this on a recent drive through the Smokies.)

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