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Tag: coronavirus

Embodying Resilience

RESILIENCE, we can embody that. Or we can embody the opposite. OR, we can find the very real freedom of easy access to both with equal ease. And, consider that there are several opposites to resilient.   What do you feel when you are NOT feeling resilient?   Fragile? Weak?

How To Tend To Tension Between Two Emotions

If Self Acceptance was a country, Dick Olney would be its Poet Laureate. If Integration was a country, Zivorad Slavinski would be its Minister of Wholeness. Dick was fond of the ancient Arabian aphorism, “Trust God and tie your camel.” I found the seeming tension between these two compelling. The

How To Prepare For What’s Ahead

The AAIT Fellowship Training Group met last Saturday and I had a very surprising experience. Generally, I feel quite tired after a day of working via zoomscreen work. This time I did not. I found our time together surprisingly energizing. Hearing about all the good work everyone is doing, how

5 Things I Learned After Switching To Tele-Health

Like many of you, I shifted entirely to tele-health last week. I learned a few things along the way. This way of working is not brand new to me. I’ve coached clients all over the world with tele-sessions. However, the back to back sessions like this was a little different

How Are You Serving Your Clients Through Coronavirus?

What kind of preparations are you making to serve your clients through the coronavirus? Now that the virus is local to our East Tennessee area – it’s absolutely important to have plans in place. Personally, last week I switched to tele-health last week, providing clients with reminders and resources to

Managing The Undercurrent Of Anxiety

It’s easy to get swept away by the catastrophic expectations in national and international news. It’s flying past as fast as the ice sheet seems to be melting. I notice that many of my clients are describing an undercurrent of anxiety. When you consider that most of my clients are