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How To Prepare For What’s Ahead

The AAIT Fellowship Training Group met last Saturday and I had a very surprising experience. Generally, I feel quite tired after a day of working via zoomscreen work. This time I did not.

I found our time together surprisingly energizing. Hearing about all the good work everyone is doing, how folks are figuring out how to better serve, it’s inspiring and heartwarming.


I’ve not been shy about saying why I think this is an important time to sharpen our skills. I do.

We are going to soon face a torrent of pain. It’s best we learn to tend to ourselves really well so we can tend to others.

On Saturday, one of the AAIT practitioners did an exquisitely beautiful piece of work. Her goal was to have a big enough heart to contain and withstand the suffering of humanity. Nothing like a good lofty goal, right?

However, consider how many empaths experience the pain and suffering they sense. It was a worthy goal. It gave her access to a deep inner strength.

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Thanks to Carla Winchester for this shot of our last meeting!