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Embodiment Practice During Times Of Chaos & Overwhelm

Our holy work is perhaps one of the mysterious alchemies in healing. These days, challenging though they are, we are finding our way in providing crucibles for transformation.

A crucible is a container. Our containers heal and transmute pain.

We are no different, we need our own containers, our own crucibles for transformation. In personal embodiment practice with AAIT, we create these crucibles by:

✔️Setting aside time for practice.

✔️Discovering the pain or tension is inhibiting our state of being.

✔️Engaging in practice with acceptance and integration

✔️Directing awareness to body sensations, inner spaciousness or pain residue.

✔️Rinse and repeat

With AAIT, there are several practices we use that feel more contained. These “contained” processes can be particularly useful in times that feel awash with chaos and overwhelm. Another way to contain the work is using a pen and paper in our solo practice.

Using a pen and paper really keeps us on track and out of the weeds when picking our way through a forest of content. Those of you who are new to AAIT can try this with End of Words. You can find instructions here:

Our clients need strong crucibles right now. Heck, so do we. AAIT Foundations gives practitioners tools to put to use right away to help practitioners and our clients restore their state and gain access to greater resilience.

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