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Professional Development

A note to younger therapists…

I've been blessed to be at this holy work for almost 35 years. That shocks me a little. At this point in my career, I see a lot of therapists. One of the big pains we all share is wanting to help our clients change

Facing Imposter Syndrome In Healing Work

One of the biggest challenges we as a tribe seem to face is Imposter Syndrome — feeling like a fraud. – I think that this is fairly common to most professions. – With us, this energy seems to come from three main elements of our

Why The Girl Scout Rule Is Relevant Right Now

Everything MY FATHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT WORKING boils down to five words: Follow the GIRL SCOUT RULE. – As a career soldier, he felt it important to leave everything and everyone better off than you found them. He said this meant ALWAYS doing just a

5 Ways To Know You’re Ready To Expand Your Skills

We all have continuing education requirements to fulfill. To me, that’s not really the same as deep diving our learning, which is essential for having a successful multi-decade practice. Off the top of my head, here are five ways to KNOW when you are ready

How To Prepare For What’s Ahead

The AAIT Fellowship Training Group met last Saturday and I had a very surprising experience. Generally, I feel quite tired after a day of working via zoomscreen work. This time I did not. I found our time together surprisingly energizing. Hearing about all the good

5 Things I Learned After Switching To Tele-Health

Like many of you, I shifted entirely to tele-health last week. I learned a few things along the way. This way of working is not brand new to me. I’ve coached clients all over the world with tele-sessions. However, the back to back sessions like

How Are You Serving Your Clients Through Coronavirus?

What kind of preparations are you making to serve your clients through the coronavirus? Now that the virus is local to our East Tennessee area – it’s absolutely important to have plans in place. Personally, last week I switched to tele-health last week, providing clients

NASW Chicago – Behind The Scenes

BEHIND THE SCENES Ten minutes before I was to begin my presentation, it became clear that I needed technical support. The two women who presented before me flew into action, one headed out to search for a room monitor and tech support, while the other