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Why The Girl Scout Rule Is Relevant Right Now

Everything MY FATHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT WORKING boils down to five words: Follow the GIRL SCOUT RULE.

As a career soldier, he felt it important to leave everything and everyone better off than you found them. He said this meant ALWAYS doing just a little more than people expected of you.

Now of course the downside of this is codependence and like any good therapist, I had my fair share. However, like any good therapist, I was diligent in finding the tendrils of this relationship kudzu and doing my best to uproot it.

From picking up some trash in a parking lot and depositing it into a bin to making sure that I understand the ins and outs of how to BEST help alleviate the suffering of my clients, the girl scout rule applies.

Following my father’s advice meant I had to make sure that I was doing good work. To do that, I had to invest time and money into myself so I could serve others. To do that, I had to find good teachers.

There has been no end to the joy my father gave me in his simple advice when I started babysitting. Then, this meant washing dishes and straightening the living room of the parents out for some fancy dinner. Now, this means leaving not only clients but the profession a little better off than how I found it.

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