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Case Study

Creative Ways to Use AAIT

My heart is full. This week, Kathy White and Jo Willey hosted the certified AAIT practitioners for a holiday gathering at their office,

AAIT™ Use In The Field

I’ve helped my clients experience results with AAIT for years and it’s always a great sense of fulfillment when they are happy to be released from the emotional charge associated with different life experiences. When I began teaching this model of therapy to other therapists, counselors, and spiritual guides, I did so with the intention of helping even more people indirectly. So it is an honor when I hear of the results my students….

Case Study: Alleviating PTSD through AAIT

Marianne’s journey with complex PTSD landed her in my office after more than fifteen years of rambling her way through talk therapy. Committed to her own well-being, she took a risk to try something different, AAIT.

Still Lighthousing

In our last session, they dove far past limitations of traditional talk therapy and learned to help clients (AND themselves) untether from the pull of unconscious identities and identifications. It was deeply rewarding to watch the lightbulbs come on as painful tensions fell away. Meet one of this year’s participants, Bobby MacNamara.

Pause, Recognize the Value of Your Work

Our skills are needed. If you have the space in your life and can offer your services, I trust you will. It can be easy to minimize the work we do. Please don’t. Pause, take a minute and recognize the value of the work you do, reflect on the investment you’ve made in your skills. Though you may not be able to head to Texas, your presence, your work matters right where you are.

Blazing or Burned Out?

Anna Lyn is an accomplished professional who loves her work. With plenty of friends and a satisfying career, she was nonetheless troubled by persistent and ruminative thoughts about being with a man. She described how she would rearrange her schedule if there was a possibility she might meet someone, abandoning her much needed time to herself on the whisper of a hope.