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What happens when you say YES!

Y’ALL! My proposal to present at the upcoming International Transactional Analysis Association meeting was accepted!

So cool.

What tickles me about this is how I got here.

A few years back, our own esteemed Dr. Karen Swander learned that I studied under Mary Goulding, one of the founders of Redecision Therapy. Redecision Therapy grew out of Transactional Analysis.

Having discovered this connection, Karen invited me to join an international group of women psychotherapists who meet yearly in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Mary started that group more than twenty-five years ago.

I said yes.

That yes continues to nourish me personally and professionally. Having a chance to share what I’m doing with master therapists from around the world gave me the encouragement and push I needed to step beyond my own limited thinking.

After all, who am I to introduce a paradigm shift and a new model of therapy? I’m JUST a girl from Tennessee. The inner work I had to do to transcend that little narrative with a BIG impact will be obvious to AAIT practitioners.

A couple of years ago, that group encouraged me to apply to present at the Brief Therapy Conference. I did and presented in 2017. This year, one of my Isla sisters, Gloria Noriega Gayol told me about the upcoming ITAA conference and encouraged me to apply. I crafted a proposal, got their feedback and here we are.

Saying YES when Karen invited me to join the Isla group was the single decision that landed me a presentation to share AAIT with the TA community, a community in which I began my journey as a therapist.

Saying YES to a personal and professional STRETCH goal can set in motion delights that cannot yet be seen.

Say yes and join us to learn more about the AAIT Fellowship Training Group at the upcoming virtual OPEN house. Or PM me and we will schedule private time together.

Click here to join us at the Virtual Open House on Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30 pm!