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The beauty of small learning environments

AAIT is the culmination of years of experience, practice, and study, study with master therapists. I’ve not been shy about the importance of my teachers. Y’all know how I feel about them. What you may not know is how I feel about my students.

Your generosity of spirit as you’ve learned is an inspiration to me. I am grateful to you for your willingness to offer suggestions to enrich our learning and collective evolution. It fills my heart to know that you have benefitted even though sometimes it feels as though we are building the rocket ship as it’s taking off.

Healing arts practitioners typically learn with few real opportunities to give input and receive feedback from the teacher. Ugh. I did not learn well that way, as one of 50 or more in a room. It’s why I keep my groups small, intimate. These small groups become real crucibles for transformation.

I strongly believe that adult learners learn best when we have the opportunity to give input and receive feedback — this is the active manifestation of when teacher / student are integrated and balanced.

I’m always a little surprised how FEW opportunities practitioners have to learn in small groups. What do you think the value of this type of learning environment is to you in learning to provide the most INTIMATE service to others?

Most of my courses are offered in the sanctuary of my home with the support of David. This allows for a comfortable learning environment and small surprises. This pic is #evidenceofkathy.

Kathy White is an extraordinary Feldenkrais practitioner and physical therapist. Kathy was one of the early adopters of AAIT and spiritual technology, years ago. She’s now one of the students in the AAIT Fellowship Training group. Alongside her professional talents, Kathy has a way of bringing attention to the small beauties of life. Thank you, Kathy.

And, I’m curious, what do you think the value of this type of learning environment is? I also recognize that this type of learning is more demanding in many ways. I’m curious what y’all think.