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Becoming A Better Ally

Our country is built on the heartache and back break of black people. Taking action to be a better ally, discovering and uprooting our own unconscious bias, that’s on us, white people.

The taking action part, check out this list for ideas. Pick a couple of few things and follow through. Make it part of your daily routine. The uprooting part, that’s a more layered conversation with lots of branches.

None of us are immune to unconscious bias. I mean, what was your reaction, if a white person, to being called out – white people? By reaction I mean, what thoughts, images, emotions and sensations arose? Were they charged?

When there is charged content, the field of awareness is clouded. Our perspective is limited. This matters. Healing arts practitioners need to be as clear and steady as possible so that we can be present for what we need to do.

People need us. We KNOW that the mental health crisis is growing. The racial injustice in our country is shining brightly. And we are in the midst of a global pandemic. We are not immune to the psycho-emotional toll of it all.

It is ESSENTIAL that we move past the idea of doing our own work but actually EMBRACE the discovery and integration of our nastier bits.

Begin with becoming a better ally.

Begin with discovering and integrating your own biases.

Begin with a few long easy in-breaths and longer slower out-breaths.

Hold steady and keep doing the good works.

Click below for the list of tips