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Creating A Crucible For Transformation

CREATING A CRUCIBLE FOR TRANSFORMATION.   By way of introduction, this is the title of the training manual for the AAIT Fellowship Training Group. Participants lovingly refer to it as the Big A$% Notebook. As you might guess, it’s chock full of resources and information

A Mechanism Of Transformation For Your Practice

BEHIND THE SCENES I’m editing the training manual for the Fellowship Training Group and I thought y’all might wanna take a peek at what I’m writing —–   AAIT sprung from my experiences of study and practice. It is the confluence of four streams of

How To Tend To Tension Between Two Emotions

If Self Acceptance was a country, Dick Olney would be its Poet Laureate. If Integration was a country, Zivorad Slavinski would be its Minister of Wholeness. Dick was fond of the ancient Arabian aphorism, “Trust God and tie your camel.” I found the seeming tension

Annual AAIT™ Certified Practitioner’s Authentication of Continuing Competence

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Why Going Left In Your Practice Gives Clients Real Relief

Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) is NOT your grandmother’s therapy, by any stretch.   As I’ve witnessed just how replicable the results for other therapists with their clients, people who are suffering with REAL problems with depression, anxiety, addictions and more, I now stand unapologetically

A Year In Review: 2018

As we plan, prepare, and look forward to the beginning of a new year, it’s important to take a moment to review what has happened over the past year in 2018.

Mastering the Art of Helping Others

Where did you land on that question about the value of our work? Did you tap into some new understanding or appreciation for your efforts?

The INC article on the five hour rule lit me up. The idea behind the five hour rule is that spending five hours a week learning not only increases your intelligence but can contribute to mastery. Having trained therapists, coach

Taking care? Recognize and Address Vicarious Trauma

“The world and enlightenment, they are one and the same.” ~ Saichi
Jake looked dreadful. His usual light-hearted jovial glow was clouded and grey. He readily recognized that he was carrying the load of the stories he’d been hearing from folks affected by the fires here in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Selfish or Self Responsible?

“It just seems selfish,” Amy responded, glancing at her husband. On his face, I saw what looked to be a passing shadow sorrowful surprise followed by deep love.