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Mastering the Art of Helping Others

Where did you land on that question about the value of our work? Did you tap into some new understanding or appreciation for your efforts?

The INC article on the five hour rule lit me up. The idea behind the five hour rule is that spending five hours a week learning not only increases your intelligence but can contribute to mastery. Having trained therapists, coaches and clergy, I have seen the importance of this kind of commitment in action.

When students engage with the AAIT learning assignments, they readily experience the value of the model. Over time, they more completely understand the profound capacity for change through AAIT. This understanding inevitably translates into BIG changes for trainees and their clients.

For the participants of the AAIT immersive training group, these five hours, lead to rich personal and professional rewards. The weekly learning tasks are designed to help you practice this transformational approach immediately with yourself and your clients.

I am so excited to dive deep with those of you who will be joining me for the 2017 Training Group! Given that our work is of tremendous value, the five hour rule makes even more sense. Doesn’t it?

Mastering what I’ve learned and continue to learn from my teachers has demanded time and attention. This time and attention has had results that far exceed my imagination. I’m grateful for me and I feel the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing you are providing stellar care.

Isn’t time devoted to mastering your skills worth five hours a week? Give me a call to learn more about joining training group. With a 100% money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

What’s your plan for mastering the art of helping others?