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Tag: Spiritual Psychotherapy

Problems and Solutions

Woven throughout the body of Zivorard Slavinski’s work is the influence of Roberto Assagiolo, On a low level of consciousness there are no solutions, and on high levels of consciousness, there are no problems. I’ve been leaning into my contemplation of this principle in the wake of continuous gun violence. I’m

Restoring Your State

Your state of being is at the heart of how you experience yourself in life. It informs your perspective and your choices. It is your responsibility to protect and restore your state. Yet, when your state is jangled by the challenges of life, you get thrown into a variety of very human reactions — anger, sad, frustrated, scared or even wild, over the moon joy. These reactions can be like a filter for a camera lens that distorts the perspective a bit. You cannot get a clear read on a situation through a distorted lens. These distortions color your view and disrupt your state.

Who are you?

Most of us, most of the time, move through life bound to ideas of who we are and who we think we should be, old wounds and traumas, early decisions and so on. We think this is who we are. But is it?

Contracting for Change

In many healing arts models, practitioners BEGIN working with clarity about the focus for change. Over time, this clarity devolves as the conversations become more rambling or real change is less evident or not as quick as both practitioner and client had hoped.

With AAIT, having clarity about the “change contract” is part of almost every session.

Collaborating with the Real Self

In the AAIT Immersive Learning Group, we’ve been talking about the role of collaborative agreement in AAIT. A foundational component of AAIT is the commitment to collaborative agreement. I thought I’d share a bit of that discussion with you.

There are two aspects to collaborative agreement. The first is the awareness of with whom we are collaborating; the real self of

Mastering the Art of Helping Others

Where did you land on that question about the value of our work? Did you tap into some new understanding or appreciation for your efforts?

The INC article on the five hour rule lit me up. The idea behind the five hour rule is that spending five hours a week learning not only increases your intelligence but can contribute to mastery. Having trained therapists, coach

Meeting in the Space of the Heart

I’ve read lots of articles recently about being with family in such a highly charged political environment. As healing arts professionals, most of us have worked long and hard on developing our skills in listening, setting boundaries and standing in what’s true for us without bashing the “other.” Nonetheless, it can be challenging, the best thing I’ve read so far on this topic was …