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Restoring Your State

Your state of being is at the heart of how you experience yourself in life. It informs your perspective and your choices.  It is your responsibility to protect and restore your state. Yet, when your state is jangled by the challenges of life, you get thrown into a variety of very human reactions — anger, sad, frustrated, scared or even wild, over the moon joy. These reactions can be like a filter for a camera lens that distorts the perspective a bit. You cannot get a clear read on a situation through a distorted lens. These distortions color your view and disrupt your state.

Real and lasting peace can be attained through the cultivation of a steady state. Sound boring?  It’s not. When you attune yourself to your state of being and find that place of balance inside, you will find a precious sweetness to living in a steady state.

However, most people experience a variety of reactions throughout daily life. Someone cuts you off in traffic, your spouse fusses at you about this or that, you failed when you hoped to succeed.  We all have reactions, it is just a part of life. Nonetheless, these reactions can be a gold mine, they can point you in the direction of real spiritual growth. When you dive into these reactions and uncover and neutralize the polarities at the heart of the reaction, you essentially and gradually begin shifting identification away from your ego to the essence of your Self. The most efficient way I know how to do this is through PEAT Processes from Spiritual Technology. I have found these processes to be so profoundly valuable, I am now one of the handful of Spiritual Technology Trainers in the US.

PEAT stands for Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence. PEAT processes aid in spiritual development and were developed by Zivorad Slavinski, a psychologist from Belgrade, Serbia.  PEAT helps you to accept and transcend the energetic tug that is at the heart of most reactions.  Moreover, as you move deeper and deeper into your personal and spiritual development work in this way, it begins to feel as though you are dismantling the scaffolding of the ego. Some trick, eh?

Even without the support of PEAT Processes, you can begin discharging the energy associated with a reaction by practicing simply accepting your reaction. Yet, many people complicate their experience by resisting the reaction. You might get defensive as your reaction doesn’t really match the ideal image you carry about yourself. Or you might resist the reaction because don’t like the way it feels.

There’s an aphorism that underlies both Spiritual Technology and Self Acceptance Training — what you resist persists. Better to let yourself feel what you feel rather than resisting. That is not to say that when you get cut off in traffic and you feel angry that you go about exhibiting that anger to everyone about you. More to the point, you can feel what you feel, but it’s not necessary to share those feelings or dump them on those around you. Instead, learn a few tools to release the charge of the reaction and restore your state.

For instance, we’ve all heard “Count to 10.” There is some wisdom in that message to count to 10. However, it doesn’t fully release the charge. You can use any number of tools to release charge. Of course, my favorites are the processes of Spiritual Technology, such as PEAT Process, for these tools release the charge at its root, de-potentiating the charge between two opposites, powerful stuff in this dualistic world. I also find ZPoint Process to be a helpful tool.

Nonetheless, if you are not working with me or someone else using such tools, it might be time for you to assess your toolbox. What tools do you use to release the charge associated with your emotional reactions? How do you restore your state?

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