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Who are you?

Most of us, most of the time, move through life bound to ideas of who we are and who we think we should be, old wounds and traumas, early decisions and so on. We think this is who we are. But is it? 

KNOWING who we are, what life is, who another is beyond conceptual ideas can be a game changer. This knowing is a direct experience of truth (DET).

For a time, a DET dissolves the barricade of ideas and other mind stuff (chitta) comprising our sense of who we are. They just slip away, like mist in the light of the morning sun. We experience who we are. That is the single goal of the Gnostic intensive.

Grounded in self-acceptance, experiencing yourself in any given moment without the inhibition of self criticism, self evaluation, or self judgment, the Gnostic Intensive is designed to reveal the spacious beauty of true self.

The Gnostic Intensive, designed by my mentor, Zivorad Slavinski, gradually walks participants into being able to answer koan-like questions. We all begin with the same question, “Who am I?”

In subsequent intensives, participants explore questions like:

  • What is Life?
  • Who is another human being?
  • What am I?
  • What is God?
  • What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Once you’ve experienced gnosis on the first question, “Who am I?” you may find, like many others, that your spiritual development and capacity for psychological change quickens.

When we are ourselves, our true self, there’s a spacious of ease of being, an easy presence. Beautiful, right? It’s why meditators meditate and many seek therapy or coaching. Touching this state, even for a short time can shift your understanding of the deep value of the service you provide to your clients.

On August 12, the 2017 AAIT Fellowship Training Group is opening its doors for a ONE day ONLY retreat “Waking Up to Your True Self.”

I’d love for you to join us. Space is VERY limited. Every time I have offered this retreat, it fills.

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