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Stuff Gets in the Way

Last week we touched on the precious state of knowing who we are, what life is, who another human being is. Nonetheless and inevitably, if we manage to access these states, they fade. Stuff gets in the way. We get triggered by this person or that situation and before we know it, are bound to the conditioned self and with its distortions and pain.

This is where the real value of AAIT home practice comes into play. It’s one thing to accept and experience the truth of yourself in the privacy of your solitude ~ NOT interacting with others. It’s a whole different matter when you try to take that same humanity into relationship and bump up against someone’s grumpy mood or your own unmet expectations.

With home practice, we learn to recognize the play of the conditioned self, release the tethered tension and return to a greater ease of being – closer to our true self. In this way, we consciously curate our state and teach our clients to do the same.

This is MUCH easier once you have touched the spacious still states of gnosis and sunyata. While the gnosis is designed to open us to a direct experience of truth, the sunyata leads participants step by step through a series of contemplation exercises into the state of sunyata.

Sunyata is both a Sanskrit and Pali term that refers to the Absolute Void, Emptiness. These transcendent states are at the heart of why many meditators meditate and engage in other spiritual practices.

“Out beyond the fields of right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there.” ~ Rumi

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