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A Mechanism Of Transformation For Your Practice


I’m editing the training manual for the Fellowship Training Group and I thought y’all might wanna take a peek at what I’m writing —–


AAIT sprung from my experiences of study and practice. It is the confluence of four streams of thought: hypnosis, self-acceptance training, spiritual technology, and non-dual philosophy.


In the practice of AAIT, we work and play in the converging rivers of healing and consciousness, where healing reveals expanded states of consciousness, and higher states of consciousness reveal deeper and profound healing. For real.


For clients struggling to heal psychological wounds, this approach provides a deep state of relief as problems fall away. For others, it leads to or meets a spiritual goal of transcending the illusion of separation and becoming established in a greater sense of wholeness, even ONENESS.


It is natural that once a goal is achieved, another goal takes its place. Over time, these goals become “higher.” Slavinski joins others who point to the idea of playing a higher game. What this means for practitioners and clients, the journey continues, moving us towards oneness-awareness. This begins by resolving problems and realizing goals through accessing the steadier states of non-dual awareness. 




Cultivating an awareness of these states contributes to increases in present focused attention, empathy, self-compassion, and more skillful choices. This concept from the Patanjali Yoga Sutras to the more contemporary contributions of Roberto Assagioli, Carl G. Jung, and A. H. Almaas. However, until I began studying with Slavinski, I knew of no reliable means of accomplishing integration. With fair regularity, the consistent result of integration is psychological relief.


One integration typically neutralizes the charge associated with a problem while repeated integrations result in expanded awareness. AAIT aims to advance the field, by empowering healing arts practitioners and their clients to readily reclaim and restore their inner state amidst life’s challenges, while dismantling the illusion of separation and becoming established in wholeness.


Lofty goal, right? What else are we going to do with this one wild and precious life if not aim high?


Message me. Let’s explore how learning AAIT could revolutionize your practice and change your life, for real, for good.