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Dwell much?

Ruminating, overthinking, brooding – a rose by any other name is still a rose. This particular bouquet can wreck havoc with its pervasive stench.

Most people who journey with a mood disorder can find themselves in this territory and boy howdy is it prickly bramble. It robs us of PRESENCE and so much more.

What if instead we grabbed some mental weeders and shears? What if we tended to our mental gardens with the same attention of a diligent and loving gardener?

What might change if you uprooted the tendency to ruminate?

Just begin.


Watch your mental activity.

Catch yourself when you are dwelling on something.

Name the BEAST, dwelling about _________.

Tell yourself DROP IT.

Use your senses and direct awareness to NOW.


If you find that your mind doesn’t drop it, slide into End of Words until you find yourself in that sweet stillness of integration.

Our life is so short and precious. Tend to your inner garden daily, uprooting any tendency to dwell before it takes over your mind like kudzu.

This ends your PSA for today😊

And if any tiny part of you craves reliable relief for you and your clients – message me, there are still openings in the upcoming AAIT Fellowship Training Group.