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For the Love of Community

It never ceases to create a sense of humility and awe within me at the number of inspiring, lit-up people here in Knoxville. We are a community that is hungry to create lasting progressive change. We are hungry to be the best we can for our loved ones.

It also never ceases to pull on my heart how drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious this same community is. I know the ferocious determination of this community will always win, but the impact this internal turmoil has on our ability to manifest our incredible visions is undeniable. It delays and halts progress, we lose steam – valuable people and their wisdom and energy.

This is in large part because we are existing in an increasingly chaotic and oppressive environment. As these conditions worsen, circumstances feel, and are, largely out of our control. So what can we do?

“Taking responsibility for, and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom” – principle 4 of AAIT (Acceptance and Integration Training, the psychotherapeutic model I practice)

We have control of ourselves, our mindset, our choices. Unfortunately, that statement can be hard to relate to. Unconscious reactions sink their teeth in, especially in fear based environments.

There are effective, practical, empowering tools to access an inner space of peace and calm. Tools that resolve the root causes of reactivity. When we choose to tend to our inner state with these tools and with determined deliberation, we strengthen our freedom muscle – freedom from reactivity to the chaos, freedom to make calm, conscious responses in alignment with our true being.

Many of us are well aware of, and have dabbled with, mindfulness based tools. Mindfulness techniques are powerful, however, mindfulness alone can be slow and frustrating – the root causes of reactivity are not resolved.

In an upcoming workshop at the Hive, we will come together to experience and learn a way to use AAIT that works with mindfulness and takes it to the next level. AAIT can empower unleashing your potential and vision by tending easily and practically to your inner wellbeing and resolve reactivity – fast.

“Community building is to the collective what spiritual practice is to the individual.” – not sure, not me.

Using AAIT to nourish our internal garden, this class will focus on sharing our bounty to co-create our vision of an empowered, healthy, and supportive community.

You will also have the opportunity to sign up for three “check-in” sessions in the immediate weeks to follow this class on January 24, January 31, and February 7 (to be available for separate purchase after completion of this class).

I so look forward to co-creating a nourished, empowered community with all the incredible, inspiring women here in Knoxville!

Florence Paquet, L.M.S.W.

Click here to learn more about Florence’s event, Nourishing Bounty: An Introduction to Mindfulness