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AAIT Practitioners

Rolling with client “resistance”

We are having an interesting conversation over in the Fellowship Training Group Graduates Club that I thought I’d share. There is a collective wisdom in the community and we can all learn.

AAIT™ Use In The Field

I’ve helped my clients experience results with AAIT for years and it’s always a great sense of fulfillment when they are happy to be released from the emotional charge associated with different life experiences. When I began teaching this model of therapy to other therapists, counselors, and spiritual guides, I did so with the intention of helping even more people indirectly. So it is an honor when I hear of the results my students….

Embodiment – Behind the Scenes

One of the many things I just really love about AAIT is the profound usefulness it has to practitioners in our own lives. I engage in personal practice pretty much daily. It’d be weird to go a day without….

For the Love of Community

It never ceases to create a sense of humility and awe within me at the number of inspiring, lit-up people here in Knoxville. We are a community that is hungry to create lasting progressive change. We are hungry to be the best we can for our loved ones.

The Point of View of CONSCIOUSNESS

Understanding the role holistic or gestalt principles play in the practice of AAIT will help us explore what we mean by consciousness in “Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of CONSCIOUSNESS.”