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Healing Clients Through Evidence, Not Generalizations

A colleague recently pointed to the importance of healing arts practitioners not generalizing from our own experiences in providing care for our clients. Instead, we look to the evidence. Even that can be tricky if you’re not trained to read the quality of the evidence in question. Most of us are not.

Add to the mix a fast-growing plethora of approaches to care and we can QUICKLY get in the weeds.

AAIT is an EMERGING approach with promising results. There is a theoretical and research foundation for the approach, nothing yet that is DIRECTLY related.

Nonetheless, evidence matters. As the foundation is being laid for research, we aren’t there yet. In the meantime, it’s one of the reasons for the phases of AAIT that allow for and encourage the client to rely on the evidence of their own personal experience.

Three main dynamics comprise a simple approach to this kind of evidence:

  1. Identify the goal, a clear contract for change
  2. Facilitate integration
  3. Direct awareness for consistent and comprehensive followup about the problem and goal

Through COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENT and DIRECTED AWARENESS, we weave a sustained means of ensuring we are addressing the goals our clients came to us to achieve. This is iterative. It’s not like we have this conversation once and we’re done. No, it happens almost every session.

It’s a high bar. And it’s parsimonious. Zivorad is fond of saying “simplicity is close to perfection.”

How have you found this approach to inform your practice? And how else do you stay on track with ensuring the BEST care for your clients?

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