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The Use of Holistic Processing in AAIT™

There are several aspects of AAIT that set it apart from more traditional talk therapies. One is the use of holistic processing. This means that we seek out and address ANY charged tension that is held in another point of view (POV).

This idea is familiar to many of us. We know the value of considering other POVs from the great work of Fritz Perls with Gestalt therapy and others, including Hal and Sidra Stone for their work in Voice Dialogue.

Typically, we are able to readily resolve specific problems people bring to our office in a relatively short period of time with AAIT. However, if the problem re-emerges, we know we have either neglected to address future projections containing the problem or there is tension held in some other point of view.


We can discover where the tension is held by asking questions like:

  • ♦ Who else comes to mind as you consider this problem?
  • ♦ Who else was around or maybe involved somehow?
  • ♦ Were there any animals around?
  • ♦ What physical space comes to mind as you consider this problem?


When we seek to resolve a problem HOLISTICALLY, we can readily do so by widening our view of what it means to consider another point of view. I fully recognize how odd it may seem to consider the point of view of a pet or a room, but if you think about this for just a moment and explore the possibilities, you can surely see how projected energy might be hiding in these other non-traditional points of view.

As we discovered in an earlier conversation, there is typically no need to go to the POV of a perpetrator of abuse or violence UNLESS the client has a strong ego strength AND feels the need to explore the perpetrator’s point of view. Though rarely needed, it is deeply healing for those who explore the point of view of their perpetrator.

We can all exercise this muscle of exploring other points of view. Just consider looking back at any given situation from another POV. What comes up? What thoughts? Images? Emotions? Sensations? What becomes clear about the situation when you consider it from another POV?

PM me to get your name on the list for the next AAIT Fellowship Training Group. This advanced clinical training will set your practice apart with this kind of quick and deep transformation.

P.S. Had a great walk up to the Walker Sisters Cabin with Wendy Pitts Reeves this week. Y’all, it’s BEAUTIFUL up in the GSMNP right now!