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Immerse Yourself in the Ocean of the Heart

“The yogi who is established in a steady posture easily becomes immersed in the ocean of the heart.” ~ Shiva Sutra 3.16

I enjoy contemplating and studying teachings from many traditions. This little gem has captured my attention for years. As I reflect on this sutra, what is most compelling to me is the phrase “ocean of the heart.”

The ocean can be still and smooth as a mirror reflecting the thousands of tiny diamond lights of the sun. Or, it can be swirling with tumultuous waves reflecting a sky of darkened clouds. In the same way, the heart can be calm and serene or it can flutter with anger and anxiety.

As therapists and coaches, a steady inner posture is what we aim to help our clients cultivate, yes? A steady posture is not just the asana form. It is a steadiness in the heart, where we can reflect the pure BEING that we are.

This steady posture is a heart free of emotional static, free of charge.

When’s the last time you gave yourself TIME to immerse yourself in the OCEAN of the heart? I mean, we give a LOT to others. When’s the last time, you touched the spacious inner territory that is closest to the TRUTH of who you are?

If you are ANYTHING like me, you LOVE touching the edge of mystery that comes from working intimately with others as they encounter the spacious beauty of their TRUE self. Yet, there have been times in my career I was more like the spoon serving the soup, not really taking the time to dive into that space myself.

What keeps you from taking time to yourself, time to explore the spacious mystery that for many of us is at the heart of why we serve. We want to touch and become established in the truth of who we are and help others do the same. We yearn for the peace of KNOWING.

Today, I’m prepping for next Saturday. For one day ONLY, the 2017 AAIT Fellowship Training Group opens our doors for guests. Join us and explore the mystery that is you. We have a couple of spots left.

Here’s what my mentor, Zivorad Slavinski, says about the territory we will be exploring, “The only goal of the Gnostic Intensive is that as many participants as possible have Direct Experience of Truth and that those Experiences be as profound as possible! Everything else is not as important.”

If you are a therapist, coach or spiritual director, isn’t it time you give yourself the space to re-discover your TRUE self? Take a look and see if this opportunity speaks to you

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