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Can Your Problems Hold You Against Your Will?

“Is it possible that this problem can impose itself on you in the future AGAINST YOUR WILL?”

How many therapists, coaches or spiritual directors are confident enough in their work to ask that question?

Not only do AAIT practitioners ask that question. But they ask it ALMOST every session as problems fall away and new goals emerge.

This question is one of the ways we stabilize an integration. Asking our clients to really check themselves, to really ask, “COULD this be a problem for me again AGAINST MY OWN WILL?” gives them a way to rely on the EVIDENCE of their experience.

After all, it’s really nice to feel all calm and easy in our offices. However, what happens when they LEAVE the office? Does the same thing still nag at them? Are they concerned that it will in the future, against their will?

If the answer is yes, we know there’s a bit more work to do, so we slide into DISCOVERY.

Where is the remaining tension?

Does the charge lie in the point of view of another?

Is there some reason it doesn’t feel safe being free of the problem?

Or is it just that it’s been around so so long, it’s hard to imagine being really free?

The part of the question that catches most people’s attention is AGAINST YOUR WILL. This brings the unconscious compulsive pull of our problems immediately to the fore. We can truly FEEL if we are untethered from the pull or not.

Discovering the source of the remaining charge alongside our client’s willingness to address and resolve the future concern gives us a clear pathway to COMPLETE freedom from a problem.

Acceptance + Integration = Freedom

Who doesn’t want that?

Message me, discover how YOU and your clients can access and stabilize in greater freedom.