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How To Experience Luscious Expansiveness

“The non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of transformation.” This principle speaks to one of the fundamental goals of the therapeutic alliance, a corrective emotional experience, transformation.

With AAIT, we engage in a strong collaborative relationship with our clients such that in a single session, they have problem resolution, a corrective emotional experience.

This happens through integration. The integration of two opposing psychological states makes possible for individuals to enter states of awareness that are empty of thoughts, images, emotions and sensations.

The spacious emptiness of a non-dual state feels luscious. In this emptiness, any charged energy associated with the problem dissolves and our clients feel alive with possibility.

Amelia owns a fast-paced highly successful business that is growing far beyond her wildest dreams. However, this success is walking hand in hand with an unconscious tendency towards self-sabotage. After all, the empire she is building is demanding. Amelia, like most of us, has a thousand or more ways of sabotaging her success.

After integrating “holding an empire with ease” and “blocking success” Amelia described feeling a joyous expansiveness. Exploring this inner territory grounded her in this experience. By the end of our hour together, she was completely confident and excited to move into the next phase of her success.

If you’d like a taste of this luscious expansive territory, join us for our upcoming retreat, Nourishing Presence. PM me, let’s reserve your spot.