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The Illusion of Separation

As we continue this exploration of how to talk about the spiritual nature of this work, I hope y’all will chime in with your understanding and experiences.

AAIT allows us to peek through the veil, the illusion of separation. Dick Olney used to talk about the wound of the spiritual body, the illusion that we are separate from who we really are, each other and God as we imagine God to be.

He would have LOVED how his work has married with the work of Zivorad Slavinski. He would have LOVED that there are actual pathways to not only peek through the veil but punch holes in the veil.

The illusion of separation is fueled by the charge between opposites. Once this charge is neutralized, one experiences a sense of ONENESS. Sometimes, this is only for a split second, often the experience lasts a bit longer.

Over time, and with practice, this sense of ONENESS becomes not only an indication that something has shifted regarding the problem, often for good, but a mechanism of transformation. In this ONENESS, there is generally an absence of thoughts, images, emotions and sensations. There is only spaciousness or calm, ease.

Becoming established in these states, or at least having access to them in situations that were previously triggering is liberating. This spaciousness feels like the expansive states referenced by longtime meditators and others interested in transcendent states of being or an echo of these states.

This spaciousness is free from charged energy. The choices made from these states tend to be choices that are more aligned with TRUE Self, NOT the charged tension of the CONDITIONED self. In this way, over time, we shift identification from the conditioned self to true self.

How have you experienced the spiritual nature of AAIT?