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The Kindness Our Nation Needs

Even as our collective hearts break with the painful recognition of just how deeply our nation is wounded dawns, I’m sitting on the porch listening to the birds and remembering the sweet pleasure of being with kind, open-hearted people.

The presentation I gave in Raleigh was well-received. Folks asked great questions and the demos were, um, what you’d expect #reliablechange.

The connections with people were REAL and alive with presence. From my first interaction in Raleigh with a homeless man to the woman who checked me in at Hot Springs for a soak on my way home was infused with a sweet, heartfelt love, kindness.

It was notable.

It’s as if I was riding along in a current of KINDNESS.

We need kindness, unadulterated, full suns of kindness that shine equally on all. Yet, kindness directed at self and others gets blocked up by all manner of irritations or fears like a beaver dam restricting the flow.

As healing arts professionals, we might think we have the market on kindness covered. Not so quick there.

Consider, what is KINDNESS to you?

What gets in the way of kindness in your life? What about giving and receiving kindness, are you equally adept at both?

Play with using End of Words here or the Universal Process with whatever twigs and branches are blocking the flow of kindness.

Back to Raleigh. I was the recipient of great kindness, as I said. One evening, I was lucky enough to have a cooking lesson from author and coach, Lisa Cagan Mitchell. Her award-winning book, Sacred and Delicious, is a godsend for anyone aiming to understand Ayurvedic principles in cooking.

How is kindness showing up in your life? What are you discovering about kindness?