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Using Techniques to Curate Your State

“I want to be able to ask for what I want without being SOOOO afraid about being seen as needy or somehow just too much. How do I integrate that?”

Such a good question, isn’t it? One of the things that I JUST LOVE about my clients is their willingness to embrace a practice that lets them FLOW with life. They know that these little and large unsatisfying states are just that – STATES of being. They are not statues carved in marble.

Who doesn’t resonate with that question? On some level, how honest and direct are we and our clients with expressing wants? We hold back. We hesitate. There’s an insecurity hiding and slithering about in the shadows of our unmet wants and needs.

Back to the question. I ADORE that my client saw this pain as an opportunity for her to find more FREEDOM. Can’t you just FEEL the power in that? She found that freedom in the Curate Your State course.

I suggested to her a couple of approaches using the Spiritual Technology techniques she’s learned. She could find a circumstance when she felt that wanting to ask and feeling worried and use Deep PEAT 4 (PEAT = Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence).

Or she could use the Universal Process for the integration of universal polarities, these are polarities universal to the human experience, for instance being too much for people / being wanted or being cared for, or rejected / accepted.

And there’s also this related idea of asking for or wanting something from someone that they just don’t have it in them to give… like trying to pick an apple in an orange grove.

With any of these pieces, each of which would take only about 10 minutes or less, I reminded her to also consider the other person’s point of view and work from there.

Underlying all of this seems to lie the insidious and creative energy of insecurity. Integrating insecurity and security, ESPECIALLY if you go at specific insecurities, can go a LONG way towards letting fear fall away. Imagine how nourishing that could be.

What are your experiences playing in this territory of fear and insecurity?

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