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The Triggers of Sexual Assault in the News

With sexual assault so much a part of the news, you may notice clients being a tad more twitchy. You may even notice yourself being a tad more twitchy. Things may feel a bit foggier.

Sexual assault has influenced the lives of every woman I know. Even for those who have “dealt” with the initial layers of trauma, they may find themselves being a tad more sensitive these days.

Have you noticed that? With yourself or with clients? They may not even be aware that the current news cycle may be triggering any unresolved tension associated with the trauma or traumas associated with sexual assault.

You and they may sense the energetic tendrils of powerlessness, anger, fear and more showing up in the conflicts they experience today.

These tendrils can be like weeds in the gardens of our lives, weeds we thought we had completely eradicated while they were just dormant. Turning our attention to these weeds can be tricky business. If we just stay on the surface of the current content that has triggered the old wound, it’s a bit like pulling a weed but not getting the root.

For AAIT practitioners, remember you can use Deep PEAT 4 and the Fingertip Method for Trauma to uproot these tendrils. For your more experienced clients, they may come in with the awareness of the energetic pull of some unresolved trauma.

There’s much work to do with those suffering from the trauma of sexual assault. We do well to serve our clients with the remembrance of the pain just watching, reading or listening to the news may trigger.

Are y’all seeing the influence of this news cycle in your offices? How are your clients coping?