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Author: Melanie McGhee


At the heart of AAIT™ is serving the freedom of the true self. The phases of the model create the structure for REAL relief and bring alive creativity to our work with clients...being able to REALLY make a difference in someone's life is so so

The true self is a being

The core truths around which Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT™) is built are the principles I have experienced first-hand in my OWN life. I have witnessed evidence of them in the lives of my clients, AAIT™ trainees and reports from their clients. These principles inform

About True Self…

It's come to my attention that I give very little attention to writing about true self. I mean one part of the AAIT™ equation is about resolving reactivity. But the other part is about uncloaking the true self. I suppose I don't write too much

Neatness Counts in Small Amounts

I used to be a messy person...really messy. Piles of papers. Piles of books. Piles of dishes. Piles of clothes kind of messy. While my sweet husband is not. Early in our relationship he would often say, "Neatness counts in small amounts." I gradually became

EMBODIMENT: Personal Practice Edition

These past couple weeks have shaped up to be media weeks for me. I had a great conversation with Dr. Carole Myers, the host of Health Connections on WUOT about distorted thinking. I also had the opportunity to enjoy a conversation with host, David Van

The residue of PTSD

One of the most debilitating aspects and consequences of PTSD for some is the development of cognitive distortions that become cognitive habits. One piece of residue can be an ever-present, "Bad sh*t is going to happen. It's just around the corner" worry. This was the

A note to younger therapists…

I've been blessed to be at this holy work for almost 35 years. That shocks me a little. At this point in my career, I see a lot of therapists. One of the big pains we all share is wanting to help our clients change

EMBODIMENT ~ Unsatisfying States Edition

When people first begin embracing an embodiment practice at home, it can be challenging to know where to begin. It’s always best to start where we are. Yes, I know, this sounds like something POOH would say. Still, if you are particularly troubled by some

Taking Steps…

We are all consistently taking steps. Are these steps in the direction of our goals? All the little steps, all the little habits add up to routines. Do these routines support your goals? Let’s just look at this professionally. What are your professional goals? Me?