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Claiming Time During The Holidays

This time of year is infused with the fragrance of GIVING and RECEIVING.

Yet, tangled in this web of what’s “supposed” to be one of the most precious aspects of being human, the expression of LOVE is the tension of too much to do and not enough time.

Claiming the time to tend to ourselves gives us a head start on being able to experience LOVE in the giving and receiving. Years ago, one of my meditation teachers said that it’s not what happens while you are meditating that’s important. It’s what happens throughout the day. 

Pausing for an easy breath.

Integrating giving / receiving.

Integrating “TOO MUCH TO DO.”

A walk in the woods.

What else helps you entangle LOVE with the DOING of this season? How do you stay on top of this most important aspect of GIVING and RECEIVING?

Pick anything that caught your attention in this post and play with the Universal Process for those who know it. For the rest of us, pick something and go on a little End of Words adventure — all with the intention to restore love in all the doing and being of NOW.

Happy, happy. Merry merry.

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