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The First Step In Any Embodiment Practice

EMBODIMENT. You wouldn’t think it would be such a challenge to embody our true self. After all, it’s our TRUE SELF. It’s who we really are.

Instead, we and our clients embody our limiting beliefs and past defeats. We take up residence in the charged energy of unmet needs resulting in sorrow and anger.

It’s no small thing to make the shift from identifying with the conditioned self to the true self. It’s why we practice. It’s why we support our clients in becoming established in an embodiment practice at HOME.

After all, our clients only see us once a week, IF they are lucky. Giving them the means to restore their state and walk into wholeness liberates them from being tied to the inevitable pain of being human.

Still, establishing a home practice is no small thing.

Here are a few ideas that could make this easier. Of course, I’m talking primarily about AAIT. We could be talking about meditation, exercise, eating well, cultivating good sleep habits.

First, DECIDE. Decide WHAT you are going to do. With AAIT, there are lots of strategies for discerning where we will get our most gain.

DECIDE. Decide WHY it matters to you. Get crystal clear about what difference your decision to engage in embodiment practice could make in your life.

DECIDE. Decide WHERE you are going to do the thing you are going to do.

DECIDE. Decide WHEN you will practice and for how long.

DECIDE. Decide HOW you are going to practice.

DECIDE. Decide WHO needs to know? Our changes in behavior affect others. Letting our people know what we are up to and why it matters can go a long way towards setting ourselves up for success. What kind of support would you like? Ask directly for that support.

Are we sensing a theme here?

Our decisions matter.

Still, we’ve all watched clients decide something only to experience the defeat of that decision. Those of you who know End of Words can easily navigate this territory. For those who don’t, try engaging in a little back and forth exploration of the good and bad of the goal itself.

I’d love to hear about your embodiment practices. What makes it work for you? What trips you and your clients up?

I decided to go for a drive last Sunday and saw this beauty.