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How to help clients come out of the holiday hangover


Lots of folks spent their weekends in excess. They may show up in our offices with a bit of a “hangover.” Too much of this and way too much of that.

The excess of food, drink, shopping and for the introverts among us, PEOPLE, can leave you and your clients a bit raveled around the edges. In fact, they may want to spend one whole session telling you about their holiday. Is that to their advantage? It’s an honest question. If it leads to their feeling deeply heard, loved, seen – carry on.

If, however, it fuels the exhaustion, drama and overload, might there be a better way to use your time together. What if you let this first week after the first week of the holiday season help your clients step up their own self care beginning with their session with you?

Remember that aphorism, “Every fool knows that the ocean contains a drop of water. It takes a wise person to recognize that the drop of water also contains the ocean.” For those who are ready to move on to the next holiday with as little baggage as possible from this most recent possible — help them out with a quick DP4 – this holiday / idealized holiday or happy moment or here and now.

If they are game, use the rest of your session to help them access the resources that will help them through the WHOLE holiday session. Check to make sure they are equipped for their embodiment practice at home with Basic PEAT, UP and IEW.

P.S. Email me for info on how you can help your clients access inner resources with AAIT.