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The art of precious scars


Our clients come to us feeling broken…wondering how on earth they are ever going to be whole. Heck, most of us have had times like that. Or, we’ve at least had moments and days when our state was shattered by some wound or unmet need.

I’ve recently become interested in Kintsugi, the art of precious scars. This Japanese art begins with a careful gluing of the broken pieces using resin, which of course results in a scar. Kintsugi artists complete the connection with gold.

Acceptance is like glue while integration, the spiritual technology methods developed by Zivorad Slavinski and his students, is GOLD. Integration reveals a tantalizing and unexpected beauty in the healing. Integration is the very heart of this model.

If acceptance is the resin and integration, spiritual technology, is the gold, the theory, phases and principles of AAIT form the crucible for ongoing transformation. As practitioners and our clients embrace a home embodiment practice, we become our own kintsugi artists taking the broken bits and revealing gold.

Occasionally people refer to AAIT methods, techniques or processes. To be clear, AAIT is a crucible for transformation. While the methods referenced are the work of Zivorad Slavinski and his students. AAIT practitioners use the crucible of AAIT to effect rapid and lasting change. To be clear, this crucible INCLUDES spiritual technology but is not limited to spiritual technology. In the same way, spiritual technology exists outside of AAIT. While AAIT does not exist without spiritual technology.

Acceptance is the resin that contributes to wholeness.

Integration, primarily spiritual technology, is gold.

AAIT is a crucible, a container for life-long transformation as kintsugi artists.

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P.S. The talk I recently gave at the Brief Therapy Conference went great! The audience was very receptive to the paradigm shift that is AAIT.