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Thinking in Other Categories

If it’s not clear to you yet, Acceptance and Integration Training is a full paradigm shift from traditional talk therapy. That’s not to say that all the skills, lessons from various models and our heartfelt empathy and compassion don’t into play. They do — like a finely layered and woven tapestry.

Still – AAIT helps us to THINK IN OTHER CATEGORIES. One of the first post-graduate workshops I took was with Dick Olney, on that very topic and Self Acceptance Training.

Dick taught “To think in other categories is at the very heart of what we call therapy. I think it is at the very heart of creativity. I think it is at the heart of all positive revolution because to think in other categories is to incredibly expand the limits of what is possible for us.” ~ Dick Olney

AAIT is definitely about thinking in other categories — imagine seeing the beauty and wonder of your clients BEYOND the tangles of their story. Imagine seeing yourself in the same way — all these challenges and pains, an opportunity to become more WHOLE.

The true self is not encumbered by the limitations of a narrative. The TRUE self is a BEING. THINK IN OTHER CATEGORIES.

Imagine learning to discover the tension that is tethering your clients (and yourself) to problems and habits. Imagine loosening those tethers in minutes.

Registration for the next cohort of the Fellowship Training Group is now open. Click here to learn more.

“If you are looking to be trained in something new and/or advance your skills as a therapist, stop looking and sign up for this training. Melanie can guarantee her work because it is that good. You can’t put a price on how effective AAIT is.”
– Bobby Mcnamara, L.C.S.W.

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