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What’s between you and kindness?

This little post on kindness popped up for me the other day. I wrote it last year on my parent’s wedding anniversary.

As my mom was preparing for her “next assignment,” we talked a lot about the astrocytoma that was consuming her brain like a wildfire.

The art of precious scars

Our clients come to us feeling broken…wondering how on earth they are ever going to be whole. Heck, most of us have had times like that. Or, we’ve at least had moments and days when our state was shattered by some wound or unmet need….

How to help clients come out of the holiday hangover

Lots of folks spent their weekends in excess. They may show up in our offices with a bit of a “hangover.” Too much of this and way too much of that.

The excess of food, drink, shopping and for the introverts among us, PEOPLE, can leave you and your clients a bit raveled around the edges. In fact….

Kindness is love made manifest

Kindness is love made manifest. I believe that with all my heart. I believe it more the older I get. It can’t be the sticky, put on kindness. It has to be connected to the HEART to be love made manifest.

Put A Pause On That Appreciation

I started to tell David just how grateful I am. He held up a spoon and said, “hold your gratitude.”

David, in addition to being a wicked funny husband extraordinaire and scholar, he is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction instructor. Dude knows how to savor a moment.

Using Techniques to Curate Your State

“I want to be able to ask for what I want without being SOOOO afraid about being seen as needy or somehow just too much. How do I integrate that?”

Such a good question, isn’t it? One of the things that I JUST LOVE about my clients is their willingness to embrace a practice that lets them FLOW with life. They know that