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EMBODIMENT ~ Personal Practice Edition

One of the inhibitors of our experience of who we are, true Self, is our tendency to identify with aspects of being, identities. Internal Family Systems would call these “parts.” Transactional Analysis calls them ego states.   It’s like that story of the eagle raised

Claiming Time During The Holidays

This time of year is infused with the fragrance of GIVING and RECEIVING. Yet, tangled in this web of what’s “supposed” to be one of the most precious aspects of being human, the expression of LOVE is the tension of too much to do and

The Use of Holistic Processing in AAIT™

There are several aspects of AAIT that set it apart from more traditional talk therapies. One is the use of holistic processing. This means that we seek out and address ANY charged tension that is held in another point of view (POV). This idea is

How To Experience Luscious Expansiveness

“The non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of transformation.” This principle speaks to one of the fundamental goals of the therapeutic alliance, a corrective emotional experience, transformation.

The Illusion of Separation

As we continue this exploration of how to talk about the spiritual nature of this work, I hope y’all will chime in with your understanding and experiences.

Indifference As A Form of Relief

OOF. I have the heart of a social worker. The desire for justice and autonomy for ALL run deep with me. It’s no surprise that with laws threatening the rights of women, I have opinions and feelings.

Why Integrating Identities Matters

Recently, the AAIT Fellowship Training Group explored the ins and outs of creating identities to achieve conscious goals. This is such an exciting and liberating way of moving towards goal achievement.